Bed Frames

Technological advancement has paved the way for the revolution of bed frames. But despite the complexities or simplicities of these bedroom items, the main goal stays the same- to serve as an excellent support for mattresses. When shopping, try it out by either jumping on or moving it about and make sure that the frame provides the appropriate support. Moreover, inspect how the frame is made and observe if the portions are attached together in several regions and figure out any strain points which will make the frame less durable. Also, inquire if there is a warranty and if it has, then know the coverage as well.

Bed Frames

Really then, shopping for bed frames is no easy task, most especially since they come in varieties; making it harder, confusing and challenging. Besides, they are made with different styles, materials and price range as well. On top of that, you are concerned about the quality of every type corresponding to the style you want in a bed frame. So how could we make shopping for bed frames efficient and less tiresome? The succeeding paragraphs reveal some of the things that you should consider before shopping for bed frames, as well as the different types of bed frames available in the market these days.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Bed Frames

First on the list is the number of people who will be lying on the bed. Of course, you have to choose bed frames capable of carrying the weight of people sleeping on it. Second, know the actual size of the bedroom as it will not only hold the entire bed but other furniture pieces as well. Third, choose the bed frame that matches the furniture inside your bedroom. This is certainly not a problem if you are furnishing a new room, but difficult if you want a new look for your bedroom. Fourth, know how much you are willing to spend for your bed frame. Normally, if you're planning a transformation for your bedroom, let's say from contemporary design to a classical look, of course, this will entail a sizeable budget and if you don't have enough, then, you may end up with the traditional bed frame which is quite affordable.

The last factor you should consider when buying bed frames is the type.

Different Types of Bed Frames

  • Platform – this type of frame only holds the mattress as the platform itself is the bed frame. The good thing about this bed frame is the availability of storage drawers underneath the mattress and does not have any footboards or headboards. Platform bed frame is the best choice for a waterbed.
  • Adjustable – this is the most expensive among the various types of bed frames. It requires using a specially-designed mattress. Adjustable bed frames are recommended for people with special needs due to back pains or mobility limitations.
  • 4 Poster Bed – this is the bed frame if you want an elegant look for your bedroom. It allows you to sleep like a royalty; but it's quite pricey.

Bed frames are vital when dressing up your bedroom and by considering the aforementioned before shopping around, you will certainly find the bed frame that suits your preferences.